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What is a governance author?
Someone in an organization who has responsibility for governance documents, including guidance for others in the organization on how to comply with the governance documents.

What are governance documents?
Documents that constrain what organizations do. Some examples are: business policies, contracts, leases, product & service specifications, terms & conditions of supply, advertisements, regulations. They define or imply risks to organizations.

Terminology: ISO Standards

What is ISO?
The International Organization for Standardization – an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations.

What is ISO TC 37?
ISO/Technical Committee 37 is a technical committee within ISO that prepares standards and other documents concerning methodology and principles for terminology and language resources.

What is ISO 704?
ISO 704 – Terminology work—Principles and methods is an ISO TC37 standard, which establishes the basic principles and methods for preparing and compiling terminologies and describes the links between objects, concepts, and their terminological representations.

It also establishes general principles governing the formation of designations and the formulation of definitions.

What is ISO 1087-1?
ISO 1087-1:2000: Terminology work — Vocabulary — Part 1: Theory and application is an ISO TC 37 standard that establishes a basic vocabulary for the theory and application of terminology work. It provides the vocabulary used in ISO 704 .

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